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When it comes to the dating scene, none of both sexes has it completely figured out. Much of what we know we owe to experience, trial and errors, and our good friends that always have the craziest advice. It’s just so bad there isn’t a foolproof ancient scroll on the matters of the heart. Life would have been so much easier with one. And it’s not until the want or need to have a spouse slaps you in the face, that you realize that the ancient philosophers sure didn’t choose their priorities right.


So the planets line up in a straight line,  and a date is set to ascertain the prospect of an intimate relationship. Suddenly, first date jitters take the wheel and floors the gas. But fret not, by following these tips, you would be on the path to making a great first impression and getting a second date.


  1. Go out with a positive mindset

First date or not, it’s important you feel good about yourself because how you feel on the inside greatly influences your countenance and the kind of energy you give off while interacting with people. It’s also important to realize that positive or negative, attitudes are contagious, and you certainly don’t want to give off bad vibes on the first date. So be confident, optimistic, and more importantly get yourself in a happy mood. Because with the right mindset and attitude you’re already halfway there to having a good date.  And if unfortunately, you’re being irritable or in a very bad mood, my dear, it’s perfectly OK to reschedule for everyone’s good.


  1. Dress appropriately

Without a doubt, 95% of women will make an effort on their appearance when going on a date. The common mistake is either doing too much or not dressing to match the occasion. So be sure to get more details on your date so you can dress appropriately. You certainly do not want to wear heels to a picnic date or dress too casual for a dinner date. It’s also important that your outfit is not too revealing so you don’t pass across the wrong message.


  1. Be on time

You can only be fashionably late to a party and not a date. It shows lack of respect when you are late especially with no prior notice.


  1. Be yourself

You’ll only be doing yourself a great disservice if you pretend to be who you’re not on the first date. Not only is it an insult on your person, but on the long run, the truth will suffice, even after you must have compromised on your standards or sacrificed a great deal to be who you’re not. You need to realize it’s perfectly fine not to be everyone’s cup of tea. And by redirecting your focus from whether you’re good for him to whether he’s good for you. You would erase any thought of pretending to be who you are not. Chances are that you don’t even know what he wants.

  1. Don’t get drunk

Ask yourself, ‘how many times has alcohol being the cause of my embarrassment?’ The answer will most likely be too many times. And apart from making a fool of yourself or confidently blurting out words that you’ll forever regret, getting drunk leaves you vulnerable. So it’s imperative that you know your limit and restrict yourself to a minimum number of cocktails or beers that won’t get you drunk.FIRST DATE TIPS FOR WOMEN


  1. Have a give and take conversation

Having a one-sided conversation is probably the most common mistake women make on first dates. As it’s really frustrating for the man when he’s the one constantly driving the conversation without you making so much of an effort to get to know him. Equally bad and annoying is when you monopolies the conversation as it makes you appear self-absorbed.

Date Dating

asking open-ended questions and actively listening to pick up conversation topics so you can steer the conversation as well. In simple terms, you need to treat the conversation like a ping pong. Consequently, you should avoid interrogating your date and resist the urge to go on and on about yourself. Always remember there’s a human in front of you!


  1. Stay of touchy and controversial talks

First dates are not the place to talk about politics, religious convictions or worse your ex. Even with your friends and loved ones, there’s no way you’ll approach touchy subjects without getting someone offended. Or much worse someone forming a negative opinion of you. You can then imagine your chances with an acquaintance. So now is not the time to say you hate vegans to a man whose mother, unknown to you is a vegan. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot!


  1. Take enough money and be willing to pay                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The traditional days of expecting the man to completely foot the bill for the date are gradually becoming extinct. After all, we’re in a world of gender equality.  Yet, while many men will take it upon themselves to pick up the tab, you should still make an effort to split the check And even though most men will refuse.  They generally appreciate  the gesture as it shows you’re genuinely interested and didn’t just show up                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It’s also important you’re not hell-bent on paying even after he declines your offer to pay. Just accept gracefully on days when your date is having issues with his credit card, or short on the bill, you will appreciate the need to take your own money
    1. Display some social etiquette

    On a first date, it will be in your best interest to demonstrate you’re a woman of high value. Don’t be the lady that talks ill about another lady or that is rude to the waiter or bartender. You should refrain from all forms of cattiness or uncouth behavior, and stay classy. Ladies should also understand that it’s annoying or probably disrespectful when you don’t eat or take anything you’re offered.


    1. Communicate your interest

    Since you’re probably not comfortable with directly telling him you’re into him. You can communicate your interests by focusing on him, smiling or laughing at his jokes, or even getting physical by touching his arms while talking.  Also, while the date is going on, you can always tell him you’re having a nice time.                            Not showing interest leaves guys confused and in doubt whether you’ll be willing to go on a second date. And like the egoistic beings men are, many would rather end things there and avoid being denied a second date

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